What Is "The
Book Of Geoff"?

The Book Of Geoff is my personal attempt to help build up the kingdom of God.
That's a very BOLD and brutally honest statement, I know. But it has to be said.

It serves Jesus, The Lord better to be a Roaring Lion, than a Snake in the grass. With that, let's go on. If you really hate God or work to deny that He exists, I pray for you Daily.

However, it is my invitation to you: Come out into the House of God, not forever, but for a short Six Months. Participate only when you're comfortable, but do attend mass at least once a week.

Then, during the week find out what the readings are going to be for the Mass you will attend and read them. Do it three times, during the week before mass and ponder for 17 minutes and 24 seconds what you feel is being said to you. So that when you go to Mass you will discover what is being told to you. Have a question, PUT UP YOUR HAND AND ASK IT!!!!!!!!!!

God wants to answer you through, The Holy Spirit. Because a teacher cannot teach if the students don't ask questions. The Advocate, aka: The Holy Spirit is here for you, now. So start demanding answers! But be prepared for the answer may be:

  • No
  • That is not for us to know now
  • Or we cannot comprehend that here and now in this form.

Patience is a virtue not easily attained. However, easily granted to those who praise God.

So with that, LET US START - The Conversation.

The Conversation.

Is This "Book"
Right For Me?

You might be on your phone, tablet, or computer asking yourself, "Is this worth my time... Am I in the right place"?

So, let me ask you this...

  1. When you ask yourself, "What am I really here on Earth for", is there an emptiness or confusion you feel - Yes or No?
  2. If you feel you know why you're really here... Are you finding difficulty on the path to fulfilling your life's purpose - Yes or No?

If you answered "Yes" to either of my questions, you're in the right place.

Welcome - I'm very happy we found each-other.

So what's next? Simple, I'm going to write to you as often I can.
The emails/articles are part of what I call The Communion Of Saints.
If you don't want to get my emails, that's okay. I will post them on my blog anyway. But if you're a member of The Communion Of Saints you'll get some great members-only information and other OUT OF THIS WORLD Perks!

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