Buy Handmade Artisan Rosary Hand-Crafted Especially For You

If you’re like me you break rosaries. I guess sometimes we pray a little too hard for the beautiful yet flimsy sacramental. Therefore I have set out to solve this all too annoying problem.

“I love my Rosary. The beads are big my crucifix is HUGE and best of all, I have to actually try HARD to break it.”

When you order your rosary today, I will email you to get a sense about you and from there I will make for you a rosary that is inspired by The Holy Spirit and what I feel about you.

It is truly one-of-a-kind and created for you by the hands of someone who I pray will one day be a literal Saint.

How cool would that be???

Imagine if your favourite Saint made you a rosary just for you. Think of the stories you could tell and the intercessory power of your rosary?


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