What Is "The
Book Of Geoff"?

The Book Of Geoff is my personal attempt to help build up the kingdom of God.
That's a very BOLD and brutally honest statement, I know. But it has to be said.
It serves Jesus better to be bold like a Roaring Fire, than a Snake in the grass.
With that, let's go on.

During the week find out what the readings are going to be for The Mass you will attend and read them.
Do it three times, during the week before The Mass and
ponder for 17 minutes and 24 seconds, each day [what you feel] is being said to you. So that when,
you go to The Mass, you will discover what’s being told to you. Have a question?
Write It Down And Ask.
God wants to answer you through, The Holy Spirit. However,
the teacher cannot teach if the student won't ask questions...

The Conversation.

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