[How to] Create APrayer Journal & How ToUse It.

[How-to] Create A Prayer Journal & How-To Use It.

First start by Using ACT

  • Adore God – Think about the first few parts of The Lord’s Prayer before the requests.
  • Consecrate – Yourself to His will through The Immaculate Conception’s intercession…
  • Tell – Let Him know what you need, who asked you to pray for them and for what, who you want to pray for and for what (if you can’t remember everyone it’s okay He knows).Its a great idea to pray for the whole world especially those who need His mercy the most.
  • Suck Up Again – You need to remember you are talking to Your Father. Don’t be afraid of being a little soul that needs Daddy’s help… You are His child for Christ’s sake – Literally. He died for YOU! So tell your Father how much you love him. Then Consecrate yourself again.

Always remember to start and finish your prayers with: In the name of The Father, of The Son and of The Holy Spirit… Amen!

You can start your journal list by thinking about who or what you pray for the most.  Maybe it’s your family, your personal walk with the Lord, or an issue or problem you are struggling with.

These most-important-to-you prayer needs can be written down on your first Prayer Journal page.  You may choose to have the first several or more pages filled with your high-priority requests.

Then the following pages can be filled with other prayer requests that you want to remember to pray for, but that don’t always come immediately to mind when you’re praying.  And for those that you don’t pray for every single day, but want to keep in mind to pray for from time to time. This is just one way of organizing your Prayer Journal.

The whole point of having a prayer journal is so that all your long- and short-term prayer requests are kept in an organized fashion so that they are easier to find, pray about, and keep updated as time goes by.

So you may organize your Prayer Journal however you think works best for you.  And you can always change it as needed.  That’s the beauty of the extra blank pages.  Nothing is permanent.

I bought a prayer journal once that was sewn like a journal, so I would have to actually rip out any pages that I had to change or didn’t need anymore.  It didn’t look very pretty.  And that bothered me.  Because it distracted me.

I hope that this helps you in your quest for holiness.


God Bless You,


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