Who Or What Is God???

Ave Maria!

To all the Lost Lambs of the Holy Universal Church, Saints in this world and those who aspire for Sainthood; I your Brother in Christ, Geoff wish peace be with you this day and for all your days everlasting.

It is my hope today that through He who sent me I answer the question

Who or What is God???

God is Love He Loves You and we are precious to Him. He calls us by our name when we least expect it and sometimes by those unknown to us.

We belong to Him as His Children. Like a Parent does He has created us in His Image and Likeness to achieve great things unknown to us. Much like a Parent does has goals and aspirations for their Child.

God Is

God is Love, God is Joy, God is Light,  and God is Truth. So You.

…Yes, You.

By the Power and Authority of God, Go out and:

  1. Where there is Division, Deciet, Discouragement, Disinterest, Demonic, Hate and Anger; Be Love
  2. Where there is Dispair, Depression, Sadness and Sorrows; Be Joy
  3. Where there is Depth, Darkness, Heavyness and Hiding; Be Light
  4. Where there is Sarcasm, Slyness, Defamation and Lies; Be Truth

Be Holy. Have your faults be imperfect as I have created You. For in Your Quest to be Love, Joy, Light and Truth I have given you a Critic of the worst variety to help you by finding and exploiting your Holes.

It is this way so that you would fill Your Dark Spaces with the Love, Joy, Light and Truth that I am.

[Let] the fire of the Holy Spirit that now fills your once dark places with the Work I have given You. So that one day Soon You can return to Your Father’s House and hear the words We long for,

“Well Done My Faithful Child”.

I have already set the world on Fire as I promised You. Use the Fire that is now in the World You were born of, I have given you this Fire to bring you to the
Fullness Of Grace that Your Mother has shone down on you through He Who Has Sent You into the Fields of the Earth to be the Sickle in which the blade has been forged in the Fire of God and,

Reap Your Harvest!


God Bless You Faithful Child,


Geoff  M.I.



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